Dad, husband, thinker/explorer, artist/printmaker, entrepreneur, dancer, computer geek, in that order. That’s me, or at least the parts of me I acknowledge as core roles.

As our lives change, so do our priorities. It’s typical, I suppose, that when I really had the time to become an artist, I was too busy with other things to even notice how much I enjoy art. I’ve always been and always will be a thinker and an explorer. It is really because of these basic interests that I became a computer geek, a dancer, a husband, a businessman, and a father. And it’s a good life!

Now the explorer in me has charted a new course. Well, not charted really, it’s more a vague “out there somewhere” kind of direction. But the art of becoming an artist, is as difficult as creating art. Like a lot of aspiring artists, the competing roles and interests in my life sometimes prevent me from just sitting down and sketching, let alone developing a sustained body of work that would afford me (at least in my mind) the title “artist.”

So, my wonderful life continues, and I find the seconds, minutes, and hours to continue on this new uncharted course. A few seconds to carefully observe the lines of a tree, the colours of a skyline, the values in a bank of clouds. A few minutes to sketch a scene or shoot a photograph. And a few hours to carve a linoleum block, paint a landscape, print a monotype, draw a portrait, or conceive of the next project.

I hope you enjoy your adventures as much as I do mine.

Rick Rogers

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2 Responses to “Becoming”

  1. Fascinating! I look forward to seeing more! Sheri

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