Stage 3

Another couple of weeks of progress on this one (not much for the time passed, I know).  I hadn’t anticipated how distracting the new studio would be.  I love the space, but it takes a bit of settling in time to feel really productive again.  Needed to put down some softer flooring to protect from my messy media and had to find a hanging system to put some art up on the walls.  It is great to have some new friends join as residents as well.

Had a great critique of this painting by Allen Ball at the SWCA meeting on Monday.  I was pleased to have suggestions from Allen and another friend that confirm my intentions.  Suffice to say, I’m feeling in the groove again so time to share some progress:


~ by eraethil on June 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “Stage 3”

  1. This is incredible. It made me cry, and that’s not all that easy to do!

    • Wow – great comment Cyndi, thanks! Coincidentally I tripped over to a couple of your sites looking for your quilt-based work, and found the amazing treasure trove of mixed media techniques you are assembling there – great site!

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