Pools of Inspiration

The docks and tide pools of Salt Spring Island and Vancouver Island were very inspirational places for images to paint and print.  Amie Roman, Dave Roman, and Betty Cavin (Amie and Betty are friends from Wet Canvas!) were my most gracious tour guides on Vancouver Island.  Had a great visit with them in addition to exploring their area. 🙂 Here are a few of the photos among the hundreds that I took for reference, that work as photos as well:

Slick Sea Star

Slick Sea Star, Star, Sea Star, Photograph, Photo, Tide Pool, Sea Weed

Beady Eyed Crab

Beady Eyed Crab, Crab, Rocks, Wedged, Hiding, Photograph, Photo, Beady Eyes

Blushing Anemone

Blushing Anemone, Tentacles, Sea Anemone, Pink, Sand, Shells, Tide Pool, Photograph, Photo

Lemon Nudibranchs

Lemon Nudibranch, Sea Weed, Sand, Sea Slug, Tide Pool, Photograph, Photo

Moon Jelly

Moon Jelly, Jellyfish, Photograph, Photo


~ by eraethil on August 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “Pools of Inspiration”

  1. the starfish and the blushing anemone are amazing. i am very jealous of your skills

  2. Wow, what amazing and beautiful photos and I love your sketches too!

  3. Thanks very much Lynette! It has been a good last few weeks – re-energized. Hope you’ve had the same, or will do, this summer!

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